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Welcome to Pursuit

 The heart behind this program is to encourage, equip and empower the next generation of leaders to pursue everything God has for them. Whether you feel the call to missions, to youth, to media, to worship or any other ministry, we are here to invest into the gifts and character God has equipped you with. Over the next nine months, our mission is the pursuit of who God is and what He has. 


Perhaps you feel the call of God towards full time ministry, maybe already knowing how or wanting to seek direction. This program is designed to afford you opportunities to grow closer to Jesus, invest in community, and learn hands-on ministry. In a world of chaos and confusion, what we need are leaders who know the voice of God. In order to know that voice, we need to pursue it, seek it, make room for it, and follow it. To remember what He called us to from the beginning of time: to love Him and His people. The purpose of this movement is simply this  “God, may we pursue You and find You in all that we do and bring others to You along the way.



Sonny Hagan
Harvest Bible College

Desiree Hagan

James Reed
Assistant Director



Growing your faith in the Lord is rewarding when you have faithful partners. As The Hagans launch into this next season, they are blessed to be connected with some amazing friends with the same heart for the ministry. They served on the streets of El Cajon for 14 years while pioneering a ministry and church. Watching lives change, families restored and many recovering from addictions of all sorts, while they strive to live a life of Prophetic Evangelism. 

They are currently serving in the Greater Sacramento area ministering to young and old, while partnering with multiple churches and other ministries in the Northern California Area.

They absolutely love doing outreaches, overseas missions, and conferences on mission trips. They've enjoyed teaching in Bible schools and youth groups, and are doing their part to equip the body of Christ with The Lifestyle of Evangelism. Through their ministry they've witnessed healings and salvations on the mission fields as well as the streets and in services in America. There is no doubt that their hearts burn to be a part of the next outpouring of the Spirit as it transforms the nations. One of their greatest desires? To see the name of Jesus made famous upon the lips of all generations.

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