The Future Youth come together every Wednesday night at 7:00pm for Junior High thru college age for a high energy, powerful service. Led by Pastors Jason & Brooke Smotherman. Come early and hangout, play some games, skateboard and connect with your peers and leadership. 

The Future Youth has high energy and passionate praise and worship. Serving over 200 youth in our community from JR High thru High School students.


Fuel the Fire Internship is a two year discipleship program designed for young people who have a heart for ministry.


What makes our internship unique is that, while our schedule is rigorous, our interns are still able to attend our local junior college or hold a part time job. Our goal is to immerse these young people in the things of God, while still preparing them for aspects of life outside the Church.


Reckless Conference began in 2010 out of Harvest Church in Vacaville, CA. This movement started solely to be used as a catalyst for churches and young people in the surrounding area to be Reckless for the cause of Christ. In a world that celebrates recklessness that destroys generations, we stand on the truth that when you are Reckless with the gospel of Jesus, a genuine move of God can spark a change in our nation. 


Reckless takes place in April, August, and for New Years every year. It is a time when multiple churches in Northern California are able to bring their young people together and be challenged. With dynamic services that include guest speakers as well as our Spear-head Pastor Jason Smotherman, worship by Fuel the Fire, dramas and impacting demonstrations, we have seen true change. After our services we provide a number of activities to create memories that last a lifetime.