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The Embassy is a non-profit organization out of Vacaville, CA. Every single week a team of Christian skaters go out into our city and the surrounding communities to preach the Gospel through skateboarding. We have seen so many people reached through our weekly outreach and through special events; this is accomplished by holding skate contests, giving away skate products, sharing a devotion and the Word with local skaters at our events and weekly outreach, and ultimately by building one-on-one relationships that continue long after the outreach or event is over.           


We, at The Embassy, believe that God has opened a door in the skate community for us to reach people that are often looked down upon, unwanted and undervalued. We have started in our community, but we hope to travel to wherever God would take us and help other communities and churches reach those in need with a message of hope through skateboarding. We would love to partner with you in your community to spread the Gospel and reach people who might otherwise not be reached.             


If you are interested in having The Embassy host an event in your community, we would be happy to help! We can either host the event at a public skate park, or bring our own equipment to your property (whether it be a church, parking lot, community center, etc.). At The Embassy, we are not focused on making money, but we do have costs associated with our outreach. We are willing to negotiate and will work with the church or organization on all the costs to find the package that works best for you. The cost will depend on: the type and number of pieces of personal equipment we bring for the contest set-up (i.e. ramps, rails, sound system), the distance we will need to travel, the length of time you would like us for the event, and the number of volunteers we bring. There is also the option to partner with Embassadaor Skateboards (, a professional Christian skate company based out of Vacaville, CA with professional riders representing all over California. We can arrange for professional skateboarders to attend the event and put on a demonstration; this cost will depend on your budget.          


  We are so excited for the opportunity to partner with your ministry because we have seen what The Embassy can do in a community, but more importantly, what God can do in a life. We are not trying to promote a company, a brand, or any person or group of people, but we want to make Jesus famous, and we believe He

has given us this opportunity to do so. Over the years we have seen God reach a number of skateboarders through our ministry: all types of people, at all different phases and walks of life, and we have seen Him save and redeem them, and set them on the path of His purpose. We know He can and will do it again!

            Thank your consideration, we look forward to partnering with you, and we thank you for the opportunity to be obedient to the call of God.


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